Applicants for adoption and fostering

We want you to become a happy and successful family. Natama has provided training and evaluation of applicants for 12 years with very good results. We have developed a special training module based on current scientific findings and best practices. We collaborate with leading experts in the UK, the USA and other countries. Our services are free of charge.

Children need parents, parents love to have children

  • The developing brain and mind of every child is a beautiful treasure which needs to be protected.
  • Children cannot have healthy development, be happy, safe and thrive without parents and their safe, individual and interactive care.
  • Humans are genetically wired to attach and develop a special, loving relationship between parent and child.
  • We admire people who want to offer love, acceptance and a family life to children who cannot live in their family of origin.
  • We believe that people who want to become adoptive or foster parents should be provided with knowledge and training which will prepare them for parenting adopted or fostered children.
  • We are here to provide information, training, support and specialised expertise in this area.

Are you thinking of adoption or fostering in the Czech Republic and one or both of you are not fluent in Czech? We can help you. We offer the following services in English.

  • Natama provides individual consultation on adoption, fostering and other situations related to taking care of children (e.g., guardianship, relatives as carers, host families, difficult situations in the family).
  • Natama provides training which meets the legal requirements for applicants for fostering and adoption. (48 hours)
  • Natama provides English speaking psychologists to complete the evaluations and psychological assessments which are required by law.
  • Natama will communicate with your social worker and officials at your Magistrate or regional office.

We welcome married couples, partners, gay and lesbian partners (registered or non registered), single men and women.

  • Come for a free consultation. We will explain how the process works, what the legal requirements are and provide other information that it is important to know before you apply.

How can you contact us? What are the steps in the process and how is it completed?

  1. Send us an e-mail.
  2. We will arrange an individual consultation for you with one of our childcare specialists. There is no obligation for you to continue the process. You can talk openly about your situation and concerns and ask any questions you may have.
  3. Depending on your situation and interests, you may continue with Natama and register for our training.
  4. If you have already officially applied for adoption or fostering with the state child care office, you can apply for training and psychological evaluation with Natama.
  5. You can complete the required psychological testing and 48 hours of training with us.
  6. We will write a comprehensive report and review the report with you. Then we will send the report to the authorities at your Magistrate or Regional Office–Krajsky urad.
  7. The Magistrate or Regional Office makes the final decision, most often based on our recommendation. They have the legal authority to approve you as suitable family for adoption or fostering.

Our training programme is interesting, interactive and rich. We train small groups of 12 participants and pay attention to solid learning about the most important issues. The programme includes group training, individual study and private sessions. Our trainers are specialists with extensive experience in the field of childcare, fostering and adoption. We look forward to meeting you!

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