Winnette Brain and Behavior Laboratory

The Winnette Brain and Behavior Laboratory is engaged in the study of behavior in relation to brain functioning. We specialize in developmental affective neuroscience, social neuroscience and developmental psychology.

We are interested in:

  • Healthy development of the brain and behavior throughout the life span
  • The psychological and neurological development of children, adolescents and adults who suffered adverse childhood experiences (ACE), developmental trauma and stress. We have a special focus on clients who spent early childhood with no primary care giver.
  • Neurobiological changes as a consequence of psychotherapy

We hope to gain a deeper understanding of brain and behavior development and to contribute to development of effective treatment methods. We seek to link neuroscience with clinical practice in the field of psychotherapy for children, adults and families.

The Lab is associated with expert scientists who share our deep interest in this area.

  • Nim Tottenham, PhD
    Professor of Psychology, neuroscientist, principal investigator and Director of the Developmental Affective Neuroscience Lab at Columbia University in New York
  • Paul Alexander Bloom
    PhD candidate at Columbia University, Department of Psychology

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